Conversion to Judaism Resource Center

LINKS Mentoring and Conversions to Judaism Around the World Is a web page that deals with conversions around the world

Newsletter for people intersted in conversion Maym Haim Network of Rabbis that perform at interfaith weddings

Outreach Synagogue built on the ideal to welcome converts and interfaith couples in a traditional ,but pluralistic envirorment

Kulanu is an organization devoted to helping lost Jews return to Judaism. Many of these Jews had or believed they had Jewish ancestors. Some believe they descended from the Ten Lost Tribes. Kulanu helps these people undergo a formal conversion to Judaism so as to return to their people officially.

The Khazaria Information Center, run by Kevin Brook, includes fascinating information about the Khazars, a Turkic people of south-central Russia who converted to Judaism in the middle of the eighth century.

Jewish Conversion in the Yahoo! Directory Yahoo! reviewed these sites and found them related to Jewish Conversion.

Jewish Education and Culture Resources Page - Middle East Facts The facts about the Israel, Arab/Palestinian conflict.

Soc.culture.jewish, the Usenet group, has established an extensive set of Frequently Asked Questions and Reading Lists. There are FAQs and a Reading List on the subject of conversion and related issues.

Get in touch with Kibbutz Lotan a Liberal Jewish kibbutz in Israel where people wishing to become Jewish have sometimes come to live.

Judaism 101 provides basic material about Judaism. The Hillel Institute provides a 24-week course for those who wish to convert to Judaism under the auspices of the Conservative movement in Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties in New York State.

Embracing the Covenant

Jews for Judaism provides information about Christian missionaries as do Outreach Judaism and Messiah Truth.

Black and Jewish Home Page by Michael Hudson includes information about Black Jews.

Jewish Family and Life! is a publication with frequent articles of interest.

Rabbi Amy R. Scheinerman has a web site devoted to Jewish family education.

The Jewish Outreach Institute is a major resource of information about intermarriage and conversion.

Jewish Resources - All Things Spiritual Directory

JewishGen: The Official Home of Jewish Genealogy. This site contains the Jewish Genealogical Family Finder, a database of names and towns, a thorough FAQ section, genealogical contacts, and a place

WUJS Institute--Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies in Arad, Israel has provided intensive introductory Jewish education to young Jewish graducates and professionals from all over the world.

For information on Sephardic Jews, see European Sephardic Institute

You can get information about Israel from Virtual Jerusalem

To get information about studying Modern Hebrew in New York City, see The JCC in Manhattan Ulpan Center

For a list of U.S. synagogues by state, see: Luach's guide. For a worldwide directory of synagogues, see

To locate a kosher restaurant, contact the: Kosher Restaurant Database.

One excellent source of Jewish news and features is:

An exciting new book for Spanish speakers has been published. HaMadrij: Gu�a de los valores y pr�cticas del juda�smo moderno (HaMadrij: Guide to the Values and Practices of Modern Judaism) by Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn, $25. HaMadrij is available for sale directly from the author (tel. 1-913-485-7809, fax 1-816-523-2454, Discounts for bulk sales to organizations are available.